Follicular thyroid cancer causing intra and extra-cranial masses.

Aasiyah Schroeder


The most common causes of skull metastases include lung, breast and prostrate cancer. Skull metastases caused by thyroid cancer are very rare and not many are reported in literature but metastases caused by follicular thyroid carcinoma is the most common cause. This case report is of a patient who presented with follicular thyroid carcinoma which resulted in a mass in the intracranial compartment. Primary intracranial tumors derive from locally present tissue but occasionally ectopic tissue, while second degree tumors have either metastasized from extracranial cancer or direct extensions from head and neck malignancies. The clinical history and management of the patient are discussed.


Metastatic follicular carcinoma, intracranial tumours, thyroid gland, skull metastases.

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