User Acceptance of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems at Intermediate Hospital Katutura, Namibia




Radiology Information Systems, Information Storage Retrieval, Radiography, Health Information Systems, Medical Informatics


Aim.  The success of technology such as picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) depends on users’ willingness to accept it. Despite its widespread adoption and the huge financial investment associated with it, there is still very limited knowledge concerning user acceptance of PACS in Africa. User acceptance of PACS influences how beneficial the technology will be to healthcare therefore it should be investigated. This study aimed to understand user acceptance of PACS by diagnostic radiographers at a Namibian hospital.

Methods.  This was a quantitative study conducted at a Namibian state hospital from May to June 2022. All the radiographers who had experience working with PACS at the hospital were assessed using a modified  unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model. The data were analysed using IBM SPSS to determine factors affecting user acceptance.  

Results.  The results indicate performance expectancy (p=0.000), and perceived trust (p=0.046) significantly influenced the willingness of users to accept PACS. The study also reported a high level of the participants’ willingness to accept PACS (88.5%). Only 30.7% of the participants were found to have had formal training on PACS.  

Conclusion.  To enhance PACS’s success, training for all users must be prioritised. This study identifies factors that influence user acceptance. The findings therefore can be used as evidence in future PACS implementation.






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