Willingness of Patients Undergoing HSG Exams to Allow Male Student Radiographers to Participate in the Investigation: A Single Centre Study


  • MP Ogolodom
  • HU Chiegwu
  • VA Ugbede
  • DC Ugwuanyi
  • AN Mbaba
  • MS Okpaleke
  • EA Okankwu
  • E Omita




clinical placement, parity, radiography, student, willingness


Background: Students’ active participation in patient care has been shown to be important for students’ learning. The aim of this study was to assess the willingness of patients undergoing hydrosalpingography (HSG) examinations to permit the participation of radiography students in the investigation and the factors influencing their views. 

Materials and methods: This study was a prospective cross-sectional study conducted at Waves Medical Diagnostic and Research Centre, Nnewi, from October to November 2021. Forty (n=40) patients who gave their consent were conveniently sampled. A structured questionnaire developed in line with the objectives of this research was used to collect the data. The obtained data were analysed on SPSS version 21. Both descriptive statistics (frequency and percentages) and inferential statistics (Chi-square test) were used. 

Results: The majority (n = 28/70%) of the patients would not allow a student (male or female) to examine them without the supervision of a radiographer. Most (n =32/80%) would not allow male students to examine them without a radiographer being present. There were statistically significant relationships between participants’ willingness and parity (χ2 = 37.8, p =0.001), age (χ2 = 69, p = 0.000) and level of educational attainment (χ2 = 46.6, p = 0.002).

Conclusions: This study showed a non-acceptance of patients of male radiography students’ involvement in their HSG examination. This is because, except for patients with previous child birth, the majority of the patients would feel embarrassed by the presence of the male radiography student.






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