Team-based Learning as an Approach to Enhance Undergraduate Radiation Therapy Education: A Narrative Review




Pedagogy, Teams, Social constructivism, active learning, collaborative learning


Background. Several teaching approaches such as team-based learning (TBL) have been developed with the aim of facilitating active learning. Although TBL’s success has been recorded, to the best of the authors’ knowledge, its suitability in undergraduate radiation therapy (RT) education has not been studied. This narrative review (NR) sought to establish whether TBL is a potentially suitable teaching approach for undergraduate RT education and whether it contributes to the development of an active, authentic, and inclusive learning environment.

Materials and methods. A narrative review was conducted, and six (6) online databases were consulted using EbscoHost to find studies on TBL. Studies were included if they were in English and were full-text peer-reviewed journal articles published between 2009 and 2019. The findings were summarised and synthesised according to identified key concepts, principles, and features, and integrated into the discussion. 

Results. After all duplicates and yields that did not meet the inclusion criteria were excluded, the search resulted in a total of 35 (n=35) papers to be reviewed. The papers reviewed yielded results that demonstrate that TBL could benefit RT education as an inclusive and active learning approach.

Conclusion. Underpinned by constructivism, TBL allows learners to be engaged in the learning process and construct knowledge, with learning that is embedded within a social context. Overall, TBL is a promising approach for RT undergraduate education. However, more scholarly investigations are needed to further demonstrate its suitability and potential for this discipline.






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