Assessment of awareness of possible health effects of radiation emitted by mobile phones among University of Nigeria Enugu campus students

Ukamaka Beatrice Maduka, Anakwue Angel-Mary Chukwunyelu, Abonyi Everistus Obinna, Onwuzu Sobechukwu Warric, Umekwe Cecilia Ngozi, Uzo Emmanuel Chukwueloka


Objective.  To assess the awareness of University of Nigeria Enugu Campus (UNEC) students on the radiation emitted by mobile phones and the possible health effects of the emitted radiation.

Methods.  A cross-sectional study of UNEC students was conducted from April to July 2017. Participants were recruited through a convenient sampling technique. A quantitative questionnaire comprising three sections was used to collect data from participants in the following five faculties of UNEC: Health Sciences and Technology; Medical Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Business Administration; and Law.

Results.  Three hundred and sixty (n=360 students) participated in the study: males (n=172/47.8%) and females (n=188/52.2%). Three hundred and thirty-eight (94%) were aware that mobile phones emit some form of radiation. Furthermore, 320 students (88.9%) were aware that the emitted radiation from mobile phones may have some harmful effects. All (n=212/100%) participants in the first three faculties stated that they were aware of the negative effects of using mobile phones. Sixty-three of the 75 participants (84%) from the Business Administration faculty, and sixty of 73 participants (82.24%) from the Law faculty, stated that they were aware of the negative effects of using mobile phones.

Conclusion.  The awareness level of mobile phone radiation,, and its possible health effects among UNEC students, is high. Students from science-oriented faculties were better informed on the subject matter than those from arts and business-oriented faculties.


radiation, microwave, radiofrequency

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