Evaluation of chest radiographs to determine the knowledge of final year Ghanaian radiography students


  • Kofi Adesi Kyei University of Ghana, College of Health Sciences. Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • William K. Antwi
  • Priscilla L. Atswei
  • Doris Kitson-Mills
  • Andrew Donkor


chest radiography, radiographic images, image quality


Background Radiography students, at some point during their work practices, have to understand reasons for X-ray examinations, and to assess the image quality in terms of normal and abnormal patterns. These practices suggest that radiographers should have a basic knowledge in the evaluation of radiographic images.

Aim This study sought to answer the research question: Are students knowledgeable in evaluating a chest radiograph?

Method Information concerning chest image evaluation was collected from radiography students by means of a Likert scale questionnaire. Data collected included: knowledge on chest anatomy, chest imaging technique, image contrast, and PACEMAN criteria. The collected data were analysed using Statistical Package for Social Scientists version 21, and presented descriptively.

Results The study revealed that 77% of the respondents were knowledgeable in chest anatomy. A knowledge gap was established in radiographic image contrast and imaging technique. Almost 60% of the respondents were of the opinion there was a need for them to be knowledgeable in radiographic image evaluation.

Conclusion The study identified knowledge gap in radiographic image contrast, image evaluation procedure and technique among student radiographers.

Author Biography

Kofi Adesi Kyei, University of Ghana, College of Health Sciences. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Principal Radiation Therapist/ Lecturer






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