Exploration of reflective practice among final year radiography students during rural placement in Northern Namibia

Edwin Ralph Daniels, Caroline Nabasenja, Nchindo Mbukusa


Purpose: Radiography students are required to integrate theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom to clinical practice in order to improve their clinical skills and decision-making as well as enhance learning. The incorporation of reflective practice is perceived as a vital tool in enhancing students’ understanding of taught concepts. The documentation of events and ideas for later reflection allows for self-discovery and improvement of practice.

Objective: To explore and describe reflective practice among final year radiography students during their rural clinical placement.

Methodology: Qualitative and directed content analysis were used to evaluate the reflective journals of all ten final year radiography students placed at a rural state hospital in Namibia. The students reflected over a period of ten days.

Results: Four themes emerged from the study: theory-practice gap, professional growth, communication, and positive learning environment.

Conclusion: The students reflected more ‘on action’ than ‘in action’ and became self-aware and confident thereby increasing their clinical competency.


theory-practice gap, reflective journal, self-awareness, clinical practice, skills

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