Factors contributing to stress among radiography and nursing students at the University of Namibia

Mweipaanhu Rosalinde Ndahepele, Edwin Ralph Daniels, Caroline Nabasenja, Christine Nambutsu Damases-Kasi


Objectives Several factors, such as the pressure of academics and difficulties to integrate into the academic system, are associated with stress among university students. The purpose of the study was to explore the factors associated with stress among radiography and nursing students at the University of Namibia (UNAM).

Method A descriptive study was conducted at the University of Namibia, School of Nursing. Fifty participants were recruited by using a convenient sampling technique. A self-administered questionnaire was used to assess factors contributing to stress. Data were analysed using Statistical Package for the Social Sciences® (SPSS) Version 23.

Results Forty-eight (n=48) completed questionnaires were returned resulting in a 96% response rate. Of the 48 respondents, 46 (96%) indicated that they experienced stress, whereas two (4%) never experienced stress. The most common stressors among the participants were: personal or family related (30%), academic (29%), financial (24%) and environmental (17%).

Conclusion The results indicated that a high number of respondents experienced stress. Personal or family related factors were the major contributors to stress. The findings can be useful in designing a stress management programme for radiography and nursing students.


students, university, family factors, environment factors

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