Challenges of training and clinical skill acquisition in radiography education: perceptions of students in resource-poor southeastern Nigeria

Christopher Chukwuemeka Ohagwu, Kalu Ochie, Cletus Uche Eze, Joseph Chukwuemeka Eze, Emmanuel Emeka Ezugwu, Mustapha Barde, Jeremiah Kenechukwu Umeano


Purpose: To investigate the factors that contribute to the challenges of training and clinical skill acquisition in undergraduate radiography education in southeastern Nigeria.

Methods: A cross-sectional prospective study, which targeted radiography undergraduates in the clinical classes in two universities in southeastern Nigeria, was conducted. A 23-item self-completion questionnaire, designed in line with the objectives of the study, was used for data collection.

Results: The majority of the factors identified were strongly rated to contribute to the challenges of training except for unavailability of published programme curriculum. Multinomial logistic regression showed that the age of the students did not influence the rating of factors (p>0.05). Gender influenced the rating of high academic workload and tight scheduling of lectures and published programme curriculum is not interest-stimulating enough (p=0.008). The factor's rating by the males was higher than the females (3.23 ± 0.91 vs 3.00 ± 0.86. The institutions, where the students are domiciled, influenced their ratings of congested and not conducive classrooms (p<0.0001), and shortage of ICT facilities and e-learning packages (p=0.009). The students’ level of study influenced the rating of 7 of the 18 factors investigated.

Conclusion: The challenges facing training and clinical skill acquisition of radiographers in southeastern Nigeria have been highlighted in this study. The challenges identified include inadequate infrastructure, difficult logistics, inadequate teaching aids, negative attitudes of trainers, and poor training methods.


training; clinical skill acquisition; challenges; radiography

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