A learner-centred programme designed to bridge the gap between research and classroom practice.

Jennifer Motto


In an attempt to bridge the gap and encourage students to adequately and independently research a topic outside the classroom, a case study scenario as a learner-centred programme was designed and adopted. The principle is based on problem solving and student-centred instructions so that the student realizes several aims.

For example, recording the investigative process and outcomes, achievement of stimulation of self-directed activity and research which requires locating and using a range of information based on integration and evaluation of the material obtained [1].

The target group was third year student radiographers. The objectives are generic and could be applied to other learner groups. The patient in this scenario could be replaced with, for example, a member of the community to assess environmental issues. The learner-centred programme is designed to explore a topic using a clinical experience to reflect the type of experience a student would be likely to encounter in practice.


reflexive practice; research; focus-group-interviews

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