A study of the attitude of radiographers in Edo and Lagos states of Nigeria to postgraduate education


  • Cletus Uche Eze ARN
  • Livinus Chibuzo Abonyi arn
  • Jerome Njoku arn
  • Okorie Udo arn


Nigerian radiographers, continuous professional development



Background  There is a paucity of radiographers with postgraduate (PG) qualifications even though such qualifications in radiography started in Nigeria almost two decades ago. There is, therefore, a need to evaluate the attitude of radiographers to PG education with a view to establishing their major constraints and ways to enhance enrollment for study further.

Aim and objectives  This study determines the level of awareness of the existence of PG education opportunities among radiographers in Edo and Lagos states, their willingness to enroll for PG courses, their disposition towards self-sponsored PG education as well as their opinion on how to improve PG enrollment among radiographers.

Method  Self-administered, semi-structured questionnaires were given to radiographers to complete. Respondents were all visited at their places of work by a research assistant.

Results  Eighty-five questionnaires were sent out and 75 were returned with an 88% response rate. Seventy radiographers (93%) in the two states were aware of PG programmes; 60 (80%) indicated their willingness to enroll, while 35 (47%) were willing to sponsor themselves. Sixty-eight (91%) identified instability in the university system as a hindrance to PG enrollment; 74 (99%) saw lack of career advancement prospects, after the acquisition of PG qualification, as a major hindrance. All the respondents agreed that lack of government sponsorship is a major obstacle.

Conclusion  Radiographers in the two Nigerian states have a positive attitude to PG education. They are, however, constrained by poor remuneration, lack of career advancement opportunities for those with post basic qualifications, instability in the university system and lack of sponsorship.


Author Biographies

Cletus Uche Eze, ARN

Lecture ii, Department of Radiation Biology, Radiotherapy, Radiodiagnosis and radiography, College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

Livinus Chibuzo Abonyi, arn


Jerome Njoku, arn

Ditto C.U. Eze

Okorie Udo, arn

Ditto C. U. Eze






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